There are three galleries:

  • a demo gallery, that demonstrates some of the most interesting features of ctioga2 and links to the documentation;
  • a real life gallery that has pictures coming from scientific publications
  • an index, that links to all ctioga2-generated graphs within this website, for you to find quickly that specific graph you saw ages ago and can’t find anymore.

Demo gallery

Images are links to the corresponding code.

New in version 0.11

New in version 0.10

New in version 0.9

New in version 0.8

New in version 0.7

From previous versions

Real life examples

These images come from publications. Taken out of their scientific context but linking to them can probably be considered fair use.

You may want me to add your pictures here, just ping me !

Graphical index

Latest news

ctioga2 version 0.11 is out

Release 0.11 of ctioga2 features a greatly improved styling system with CSS-like stylesheets, with classes, id and xpath-like selection rules. It also features among other new features a new mathematical backend for formulas depending on two independent variables, loops, grid elements spanning several rows/columns and patterned fills.