What is ctioga2 ?

ctioga2 is a powerful command-line based polymorphic plotting program, based on the Tioga plotting library.

It produces publication-quality PDF files; you make yourself an opinion of those looking at the gallery.

It is a complete rewrite of ctioga. Compatibility was kept when it was not a problem. Most simple graphs from ctioga can be used directly with ctioga2.

It benefits from several years of experience writing ctioga, and in particular which mistakes to avoid. It features an original polymorphic interface, which can be driven either using directly the command-line or through command-files.

Why yet another plotting program ?

Well, for sure, because ctioga2 is much better than the rest !!

Hmmm… Maybe not. At least not on every single aspect of plotting. But I wanted something:

  • fast: plotting a data file is done within one or two seconds, just run something like ctioga2 -X data.dat from a terminal
  • beautiful: it is based on Tioga, that produces high-quality PDF files
  • powerful: ctioga2 offers many features that are not found on other plotting systems (at least not all at once), such as gradients for successive curves, color maps and countours, nice filled curves… Have a look at the gallery !
  • equation-friendly: plotting programs offer surprisingly little facilities to typeset equations onto a graph. ctioga2 uses LaTeX — you can’t get any better !
  • scriptable: being a command-line utility, it integrates naturally into the power of command-line scripting. It is very easy to animate graphs into a movie !


ctioga2 was written by Vincent Fourmond. It is under continuous work.

Latest news

ctioga2 version 0.14.1 is out

Release 0.14.1 of ctioga2 fixes a crash at startup with Ruby 2.3