ctioga2 installation instructions

Installing on windows

Before installing ctioga2 proper, you need to install

  • Ruby, using the one-click installer. The 1.9.3 version works just fine. Don’t forget to click the box to add the executables to the PATH at the end of the installation.
  • The Ruby DevKit, at the same location. Make sure you take the one matching the Ruby version you installed (there’s an explicative text on the side). You need to unpack it in the directory where Ruby got installed.
  • A LaTeX distribution, such as proTeXt, or directly MiKTeX. They both are heavy downloads, MiKTeX is a barebone LaTeX install while with proTeXt you get a lot of additional

After installing that, you probably need to reboot, then open a windows terminal (Start → Run then cmd.exe) and type in:

gem install ctioga2

If gem complains that you didn’t install the developer kit while you are positive that you’ve unpacked the developer kit where you should, you can work around that problem by doing:

cd C:\Ruby193
gem install ctioga2

Where we assumed that ruby was installed into the C:\Ruby193 directory. You will also have to do that for upgrading.

Alternatively, you can look at the proper installation instructions for the developer kit there.

Then, to make your life easier, it is recommanded to install the following registry file that sets up the correct file associations. In particular, if you now right-click on a .ct2 file, you’ll have a “Compile to PDF” action available (as the default).

Installing on MacOS

In principle, MacOS comes with a version of Ruby bundled in that should be enough for running ctioga2. Make sure you have a LaTeX distribution installed, if not, install MacTeX. Then, open up a terminal, and run

gem install ctioga2

You may not have the necessary right to do that, in which case you’ll have to run

sudo gem install ctioga2

And that’s it. Running ctioga2 from the terminal should be painless. (there are no file associations at the moment).

Installing on Linux

With your package manager

For Debian-based distros, just run

apt-get install ctioga2

Using rubygems

Make sure you have a TeXlive distribution and Ruby installed on your computer, then run

gem install ctioga2

From source

Download the latest tarball of ctioga2 at the download page, and extract it this way:

tar xvjf ctioga2-0.14.tar.bz2

Then cd to the directory created. ctioga2 uses setup.rb for handling its installation. To install for all users, run as root:

ruby setup.rb

From the git repository

Just get the repository at sourceforge:

git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/ctioga2/code ctioga2

And then, install as above for the download from sources.

Alternatively, you can use the github mirror:

git clone git://github.com/fourmond/ctioga2.git

Upgrading instructions

For those who installed using gem (Windows, MacOS), the easiest way to upgrade to the lastest ctioga2 release is to run:

gem update ctioga2

For the rest, you just install the newer version as if no previous version was installed.

Latest news

ctioga2 version 0.14.1 is out

Release 0.14.1 of ctioga2 fixes a crash at startup with Ruby 2.3