Cool stuff

This page contains various neat tricks with ctioga2.

Colored regions

It is possible to use the --region command to build colored regions delimited by plotted curves (which is different than filled curves):

ctioga2 -X --math --region /color Blue /transparency 0.7 \
	'30 - x**2' 'x**2' 

By default, the curve within the --region are alternatively above and below the colored region. It is possible to change that for each curve individually — including ignoring the curve:

ctioga2 -X --math --region /color Blue /transparency 0.7 \
	/reversed_color Purple /reversed-pattern xlines \
	'40 - x**2' /region-side below '7*x' /region-side ignore \
	'x**2' /region-side above

This example demonstrates that it is possible to fill the “reverse” of the region with a different color using the /reversed_color option, and also that you can use patterned fills.

Latest news

ctioga2 version 0.14.1 is out

Release 0.14.1 of ctioga2 fixes a crash at startup with Ruby 2.3