ctioga2’s backends

ctioga2 acquires all the data it plots using backends: these are abstract sources of data that can map to basically anything: text files, mathematical formulas, gnuplot files, and why not, differential equations, binary data, databases… They are selected using the command corresponding to their name.

This page documents all the backends for ctioga2; it is generated automatically from the inline documentation of ctioga2.

direct: Direct format

A backend where one enters data points directly on the command line or in the command file

gnuplot: Gnuplot files

This backend hijacks gnuplot files to make extract data which they plot. No information is taken about the style !

Parameter: vars


A colon-separated override of local variables, such as a=1;b=3;c=5

Parameter: range


The plotting X range, such as 0:2

Parameter: samples


The number of samples

math: Mathematical functions

This backend returns computations of mathematical formulas.

Parameter: samples


The number of points

Parameter: xrange


X range (a:b)

Parameter: trange


T range (a:b) (parametric plot)

Parameter: log


Space samples logarithmically

smath: Mathematical functions (multi-D)

This backends computes mathematical formulas of two or more variables

Parameter: samples


Number of samples (default, overriden by variable-specific specs)

Parameter: urange


U range (a:b)

Parameter: usamples


Number of U samples

Parameter: vrange


V range (a:b)

Parameter: vsamples


Number of V samples

text: Text format

This backend reads text files in a format close to the one understood by gnuplot and the like. More specifically, it reads text files organized in columns.

The column separator is specified by the separator option or using the text-separator command; it is a regexp

By default, the text backend only loads the column 1 as X and 2 as Y, but that can be changed either by specifiying a default column spec using either the default_column_spec option or by adding a specification directly after the file name.

Parameter: skip


Number of lines to be skipped at the beginning of the file

Parameter: col


Which columns to use when the @1:2 syntax is not used

Parameter: split


If true, splits files into subsets on blank/non number lines

Parameter: separator


The columns separator. Defaults to / +/

Parameter: parameters


Regular expression for extracting parameters from a file. Defaults to nil (ie nothing)

Parameter: header-line


Regular expression indicating the header line (containing column names) (default /^##/

Generated for ctioga2 version: 0.14.1

Latest news

ctioga2 version 0.14.1 is out

Release 0.14.1 of ctioga2 fixes a crash at startup with Ruby 2.3